Monday, October 25, 2010

Dinner in my home anytime you're in town

It was a mad rush to Cairo airport yesterday. The buses left Rafah at about 5.30pm & we were informed that the ride would take between 7 - 8 hours, a downer for us as we were booked on the midnight flight out of Cairo. We were pretty sure then we were gonna miss our flight.

We made frantic phone calls to a friend in Cairo & considered all other options but decided to wait it out hoping for either one; the flight being delayed or the bus ride not taking as long.

Kevin having been informed made haste & we only had 2 stops, one very brief & the other slightly longer. Everyone was informed that we were rushing so that the Malaysians & Indonesians could catch their flight. The meal stop was thus a hurried one.

The convoy family was by & large very cooperative save for a couple & Julie actually voiced her annoyance at being rushed & asked why couldn't we change our flight. If only it was that simple.

Anyway, we got to the airport at 11.30pm & the Egyptian authorities were quickly informed of the delegation of 17 waiting to board & were kind enough to hold the flight. And we whizzed through check in, immigration & straight to our gate. The flight took off some 20 mins later than scheduled.

To all who patiently endured the rush to the airport a BIG THANK YOU. For missing out on your dinner I invite you anytime you're in Kuala Lumpur to my home where I promise to cook you a storm.

These past 6 weeks are not gonna be easily forgotten. I've met many, many lovely people & sadly didn't get to bid them farewell. To all at VP 5, you're simply wonderful & thank you for a truly memorable journey.

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  1. I was wondering if you all made your flight. I'm so glad to see that you did. If I ever make it back to KL I'll take you up on your generous offer. If you ever make it to the States look me up.
    Happy Trails,