Saturday, October 23, 2010

Update from DV/DrM as of 08:59PM (GMT +8)

We listened to about 12 project proposals
This we will bring home for close scrutiny by VPM
It was past midnight and we were like soo exhausted
The gym is a rehab program by one charity
We wil also propose for one of our vans to be donated to them to ferry their disabled & wounded patients

At the international conference of palestine prisoners. It is a very soul drenching moments for many. Families of the syuhada n prisoners r in droves filling the hall carrying placards picturing their martyred or imprisoned loved ones. There are probably no more tears left in their sorrowful eyes.
O Allah grant these noble souls the highest of your gardens in paradise. O Allah have mercy on their families n give them sustenance from the heavens to enable them to continue with the jihad.
Mathias Chang speaking at the international conf for palestine prisoners on behalf of mahathir who is sick
Dr Zulaikha in front seat
Ex IGP Norian Mai also in same hotel as us

Women & children with pictures of their loved ones martyred in the jihad

Reporter caught in the cross fire 
Collateral damage
Bilateral amputation
I still think he wheels faster than mils on her 5 inches high heels or zabrina in her kung fu slippers :)

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