Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos from DV/DrM's iPhone V (21st-22nd Oct)

Latest SMS received from DV/Dr M:
Allahu Akbar. We r in the blessed land of Palestine! Finally. O Allah bless all the members of the kafilah who have travelled thus far to realize the Free Palestine dream. Kevin gave a very powerful n emotive speech which was equally charismatically translated by Zahir. Yup he was able to reverse the ban! It's a celebration in Palestine. Mixed emotions happy yet sad! Joy yet grief at the siege. Civil society today did what world powers have failed miserably. To mainstream the right of Palestinians to freedom, justice n self determination and the flagrant violations of international law n human decency by zionist Israel. A3 jadi celebrity la! All the gazan guys wants a snap shot with her:) The press is here in big numbers some with huge satellite dishes! Man! U shud see the Palestine music machine ! A nearly broken down van but it sure can make a lot of noise n the sound system perfect!

(A=Adnan, A2=Azra, A3=Azura, A4=Faisal)

These are some of the pictures sent by DV/Dr M. Since he was on the ship there were a few pictures on board & those upon arrival @ Gaza. Alhamdulillah

(Sent to Husna via email. p/s sorry the photos were not arranged accordingly i am just too overwhelmed to do it!)

Across rafah n into palestine our arr was greeted with a celebration of sorts before we drove to Gaza

Loads of press people at entry into Palestine

3 levels of cargo. Last 3 cars on level 2

Greek crew at work docking the ship

Whilst A was sunbathing n puffing away his cigarellos 30 of us drenched in sweat offloading 140 vans n big trucks:)    

Our ship docked at elarish

The patriot here is Tony fr Ireland. Has been bugging me for a flag:) I said A3 has them all - on her pillow, tent, van. Dr zin gave him this n he was like over the moon:)

My brutal but patriotic lady chaffeur

Reading of al-Mathurat after maghrib/isha

Azan maghrib in middle of mediteranean sea

Our cargo ship
A blessing in disguise that we only fitted 30 n not 400 people
It is not a passenger liner
12 cabins only
Other 18 slept on floor on lower deck
Just enuf WC for 30
If 400 kena empty their bowel n bladder straight into the Mediterranean sea:)
Besides many had trepidations following the mavi massacre
Cargo ship dirty & oily la!

A2 ahead of us
A3 shadowed her like a leech

Armed Hamas security

Arr port 1800 local time

A4 dead engine
Had to jump start

My chaffeur:)
Very brutal and fast!
LI like had to do all the chores - clean side mirror, pass her drinks!
A4 like 'lipas kudung' running all over snapping films

Need i say more?

Preparing for trip to seaport
Syrian police all the way controlling traffic
Hamas presence palpable
They were so disciplined n organised
Their n Syrian flags galore
Truly a celebration of sorts

The 30 sacrificial lambs on the ship:)
Yuzaidi guessed either A2 or A3
No way we guys r going to allow our damsels on board - over our dead bodies!
Besides they r not macho enuf:)

Tony turned the big 5-0
His only birthday wish Hurriyah Filistin
i.e Freedom to Palestine

Al-akh Zahir Beravi Interpal n VPUK giving press statement prior to sail
He was one of 17 banned from entering Egypt with the convoy

Subh on board

Doctor's cabin:)
Hot !
Better to sleep under the skies

Alhamdulillah. And into palestine

Approaching rafah gates. A5 ahead Aqsa boys. Breeze across immigrations !

Driving n SMS-ing. Isssh! Must be the Vpm-mafia bbm legion.

The Hamas music machine. Maybe downtrodden but the sound system was just perfect!

One thing u must give to A- he was always on the ball. Here with our contacts in Gaza. After dinner hmmm 12mn we finalized logistics with them. The dinner was delicious


  1. alhamdulillah...Allah hu akhbar!!

  2. alhamdullillah..Allah hu Akbar! ..make me cry in happiness...Intan:)

  3. Alhamdulillah...
    Jzkk datuk for gaza info.
    Teruskan usaha menggagalkan sekatan ke atas Gaza oleh regim haram, Israel. ws.

  4. Alhamdulillah,lega sedikit rasanye pabila baca berita terbaru dari blog Datuk ini. Hari ini sy dapat tau mengenai pembinaan tembok besi pada tahap yg kritikal@serius@membahayakan. Tujuan utama dalah untuk menghalang rakyat Palestin daripada menyusup masuk ke Mesir melalui terowong bawah tanah..alangkah hancurnya hati saya pabla mengetahui bhw dalang utama a.k.a penaja utamanya adalah Amerika Syarikat.....Ya Allah,,Takbir,Allahuakbar !!