Friday, October 22, 2010

Update from DV/DrM as of 10:52PM (GMT +8)

SMS 4:44PM

We will solat jumaat in blessed Palestine. Dr Ismail Haniyeh PM will deliver khutbah. O Allah make us his instruments to break the siege. We r being shown the ruins unleashed by the fire power of Zionist Israel. O Allah we turn to u for protection n annihilation of the aggressors.

SMS 8:37PM

Haniyeh opened with among others the takbir eid which nabi taught sahabah on the conquest of makah. And reminded us that nabi waadal amanah - has delivered the trust of deen, manasahal ummah- has conselled d ummah; wajihadifillahi haqqajihadih - has taught us the true form of jihad. He read the verse ..ummatan Wahida - we r one ummah and the purpose of our human relations - yaayuhannas Ina halaq nakum ... Illali taarafu- o mankind we created u man n woman diff tribes & nations so that u may know one another... the best among u is the one who is the most god conscious. He read the middle verse in baqarah which called believers to double as the ummatan wasata & also as the syuhada aalannas as much as the prophet was witness upon us. 

He talked at great length about the continuing struggle for the liberation of Palestine and the syuhada who have given their lifes for this noble cause. He made special mention of two leaders of Hamas.

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