Saturday, October 23, 2010

Short Meeting with the Gazan Ladies

I sneaked out of the event last night. I was so tired and nearly dozed on stage:) Wonder what i did in 2+weeks to share the stage with big guns ? I was just so happy being mr ordinary; unnoticed; just a jundullah. Adnan got someone to pull me out and we went on three trips ending only at past midnight. Wwere taken to a 3 level  shop lot rented by a group of very beautiful gazan ladies! They had a cottage indsutry going:making cookies, sewing, running a kindy and nursery, embroidery and finally we were brought to their shop at the GF, ne of the lady did a ppt presentation; 2-3 cud speak english
the one who spoke was an industrial engineer. They empowered women but have to learn to profit sikit la! We both agreed a good project for VPM to fund. We gave USD  5K and Adnan will write a letter to make sure they get one of our vans for their daily use.
Pix shows adnan givign away the cheque
TV3 camera recorded the event

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