Friday, September 17, 2010

Ahoy London!

Before we even get pictures of lasts night's send off we get word that the three volunteers who left last night, Azra, Azura and Faisal, have reached London safely. They arrived at 5.45am London time and were met by Azura's cousin who lives in London.

So what's in store for them today?

Well other than last minute purchases (camping stove fuel and food supplies) all our 10 volunteers have to be at a particular London train station at 1pm to board a train to a town outside of London where their vehicles are being stored. There they will be briefed in full about the journey, pay any outstanding fees (ferry, train fees) and stick out specially designed stickers on our SIX vans. The whole group will then spend the night at that town in preparation for the early start tomorrow.

It's all very exciting!

1 comment:

  1. Alhamdulillah.
    Glad you gals & of course Faisal arrived in London in one piece:)
    After seeing you off, I had an SOS note from HMN that one of our bros was detained by Immigration whilst the other six lepas. It was 1 am Msian time btw.
    Shot a mail to Caroline at VPUK and did she act fast. Caroline, Nicci et al helped to secure his release.
    I have asked Aqsa to rest HMN. He's our ideologue man! Can't bother him with such operational issues. He has got a bigger agenda on his plate.
    I agree those airport pix should have been up like yesterday:) These guys could never be intensivist:) Time & Tide waits for no man; esp when it's a life hanging on the line!