Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bon Voyage Land Convoy to Gaza 5!

Bon Voyage Land Convoy to Gaza 5!

This Wednesday, 15th of September is a historic day for all of us.

Our 1st 10 activists (from total of 14) will travel to London via KLIA in 2 groups to join hundreds of other activists in Europe, Central America etc. (The last 4 will leave Malaysia on the 4th of October 2010) to travel via Land Convoy to Gaza.

This Land Convoy 5 from Europe consists of hundreds of vehicles (driven by activists) will be travelling via France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria and in the end to Al Arish, Mesir.

The Land Convoy 5 will meet with 2 other convoys coming from Casablanca and Doha.

Now, this is your chance to bid BON VOYAGE to our beloved Malaysians!

The Schedule:

So, for this Wednesday, 15th September 2010 Viva Palestina Malaysia will have 2 groups departing from KLIA to London.

First group consist of 7 activists with flight detail : KUL - DOHA-LDN on 15 September ETD 2035

Second group consist of 3 activists with flight detail: KUL-LDN on 15th September ETD 2340 MH 002

To bid farewell for the first group, please be at KLIA by 5pm, 15th September 2010. You can stay on for the second group schedule to be there by 9pm.

LOOK OUT for our BANNER, FLAGS and people wearing Palestinian T-Shirts and paraphernalia when locating VPM's Activists in KLIA!

Anyone who can make it, please be there to send our beloved friends on probably one of the most amazing and important journeys of their lifetime!

I am so very extremely excited!!

So, come and join me and other Viva Palestina Malaysia and Aqsa Syarif's activists, volunteers and supporters by being there!

- Sis Zabrina

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