Sunday, September 26, 2010


We got into the Municipality camping grounds of Alexandroupouli at about 3.30pm, a six hour drive in total with 2 stops.
This camping ground is by the beach & the breeze is playing the dutiful lullaby.
Two of our vehicles got loaded with medical aid last night, including the one I'm driving. The load isn't proving to be any trouble at all Alhamdulillah.
And last night Azura & I once again slept in the front of our vehicles. Musa, you might want to have on hand something for stiff joints:)

We're spending the night here & will leave for Turkey tomorrow Insha Allah. There's free wifi, which is a fresh lease of life for many, not to mention shower facilities as its been close to 48 hours since our last shower.

Got some news for OrphanCARE.

In one of my chats with Nicci, one of the organisers, I mentioned my role in OrphanCARE, the setting up of the region's first baby hatch & that 4 of us on this convoy are directly associated with it; me, Adnan, Azura & Musa.
Then in Lyon, a woman travelled 9 hours by train from Barcelona to hand deliver 2 ventilators for babies & VPUK decided that it'd be appropriate that these be placed in our vehicles & be donated by OrphanCARE. So these ventilators are in my vehicle, carefully placed & Insha Allah will be handed over when we get to Gaza. 
And VPUK is making a story out of these ventilators & OrphanCARE. As it is I've been interviewed by a Greek paper.

Amazing stuff we're seeing on this convoy. And Insha Allah will find the time to write about it.

(From Azra via email)

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  1. Alhamdulillah
    any chance of dipping into one of em greek or roman saunas or baths?
    that should take care of the joints
    or u think the creaking joints could do with some grease:)
    talking of advanced age; a colleague remarked "u think u young eh to undertake this land trip"
    and he added "besides your height makes u too visible for the Israeli's snipers"
    adnan's bringing along his 3 in 1 coffee - he thinks this is a pleasure trip ke?
    anything you or the others would like to pesan for us to bring along?
    the ventilator gift is life saving and all the way from barcelona pulak tu
    she has a heart of gold man!

    may the FORCE b with u