Friday, September 24, 2010

Updates @ Friday 24th September 2010

Updates @ 1.45pm (GMT+8)
Welcome to Greece. Time is now 8.30am. The lull of a ship in motion ensured a good night's sleep for most. Was chatting with the St. Patrick's Irish Brigade 2nd Battalion last night. 7 of them with 3 and a half vehicles. Simply outstanding. They recommend 3 movies for better understanding of Irish issue. Hunger, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Sunday Bloody Sunday. And Tony Upton says to be sure to have tissue.

Updates @ 6.11pm (GMT+8)
We are on a brief stop. Our group of 10 has grown with the additional 8 Italian vehicles. Debriefing sessions are interesting as its done in English by Russ and translated into Italian by one of their own.

Updates @ 10.28pm (GMT+8)
Tiocfaidh ar la in gaelic means our day will come. Its pronounced as chucky ala. This is what the Irish will be chanting coupled with Allahu Akbar. And we will be chanting along with them. When we get into Gaza inshaAllah.

Russ, our team leader
(sent via bbm by Sis Azra)

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