Friday, September 17, 2010

And...the second team off to London!

I know this entry will be very much anti-climax as our 3 VPM heroes are now running around London to settle some last-minute errands but gotta put up the pictures of the historical moment at KLIA last night. So, the three VPM volunteers departed yesterday evening for their flight to London. Quite number of family members, VPM members came to send the three of them our beloved Aunty Azra, Aunty Azura and Faisal off. Everyone was all hyped up, excited, nervous and emotional at the same time especially after the beautiful du'aa by Dr Hafidzi. These are some of the pictures i took at the airport (do wait for more 'pro' pictures from our pro Daniel tho!). Let's pray that Allah will look after our heroes and make their journey smooth & easy insyaAllah. They are scheduled to leave London tomorrow 1.30 (Malaysian time).


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  1. Good job Husna! Will post up photos from the pro when it's up.