Monday, September 27, 2010

Update as of 11:55pm (GMT +8)

Overturned car on the highway. Looks bad. Convoy members have stopped to help. The rest of us are waiting by the side.

(Sent from Azra via BBM)

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  1. we pray no major casualties from the overturned car - NOT one of ours?
    BTW the list of things to bring is growing by the day
    kuih arab & brownies & Shakeel's special coffee for azra
    kain batik; mum's special gourmet for azura
    mummy for faisal?
    since adnan is a nocturnal animal he can do all the night driving for the rest of the journey:)
    azra kindly confirm the meeting point in syria
    we fly into damasacus on 4 Oct 0930 hrs with emirates
    lattakia where we board the ship is north and it does not make driving sense for your convoy to drive south to damasacus another ? 300 km
    unless it is for PR purposes and agreed as the meet up point with convoy from doha & casablanca
    azra kindly confirm; besides my geography is lousy
    the syria program is under the the VP partner Jordan Lifeline & ICBSG
    i learnt from the documents that the convoys will converge in Lattakia
    so looks like we will have to make our way north to Lattakia