Friday, October 15, 2010

At 5 pm this evening, 5 olive trees were planted in the camp premises. The number 5 is reflective of the fact that this is the fifth attempt to break the siege & that 5 continents are represented.

What better way to symbolise posterity, longevity & peace in this region than this hardy and long living tree, which also signifies strength & victory. And the strength & resilience shown by the people of Gaza in the face of extreme odds is now legendary. Over three years & their spirit remains undefeated. Insha Allah victory will be their reward.

I'm trying to put my finger on the atmosphere abound the tree planting. Excitement definitely, purpose for sure. But there was something else. It was very much a spiritual experience, the act of planting trees & Insha Allah potentially growing for hundreds of years. I believe that thought added a dimension to what would have been an ordinary gardening activity.

The men were quick to the draw & it took some posturing on my part to see that Malaysia & Asia were represented in this very significant & personally, a moving moment. And as chance would have it, I found myself actually planting one of the trees.

May Allah grant the trees we planted longevity & health & the people of Gaza strength, resilience & victory Insha Allah.

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