Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dawn guest

Yesterday was the busiest day yet in Latakia. The rain which apparently had been a stranger here for 6 months decided to drop in for a dawn visit. And there we were at 6am working speedily & efficiently getting t he aid into drier areas. The Algerians & Jordanians were outstanding in responding quickly & did the bulk of the lifting. The aid was split into 2; medical & non medical & I was asked to coordinate the non medical together with Hone.

The late morning & afternoon was spent discarding damp or damaged boxes & reboxing the goods, sealing & labelling. And by late evening we started loading the vehicles. Each vehicle has at least 2 pallets & its first stop was the loading of medical aid before proceeding to our station, non medical aid. Each box is labelled with an alphabet representing its category of aid, example I stands for stationary. It also has a number & its estimate weight. These details have to be noted & written into the customs manifest. The boxes on the pallets are then wrapped with plastic & reinforced with tape before being loaded back into the vehicles.

It's time consuming but hopefully thats because we were doing it for the first time yesterday. Hopefully we can speed things up today as we should've developed an hang for it.

Today's bright & sunny & very much welcomed. Didn't get much blogging or photography done yesterday as you can imagine.

The medical clinic seems to be busier with the arrival of our own Dr Musa. It must be his bedside manners:) And today he got a splinter out of my toe that had gotten infected. A minor surgery.

Tonight is the final match between Team VP & Team Palestine. They're 1-1 at the moment. It's gonna be held at a football stadium here. Go Team VP!

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