Sunday, October 17, 2010

Galloway Speaking NOW!


"The third decision is maybe the most absurd of them all.

"My comrade Amina from England, does she look like a security threat. She's here for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign which has the support of all the labour unions across the UK. Millions strong. Nobody can be more gentle than this young woman. So why has President Mubarak banned her? Because according to Egypt intelligence she's married to one of the leaders of the convoy. But she's not married and has never been. But I used to be married to someone called Amina. Maybe they think it's this one. President Mubarak I give you my word before God. I have never been married to this woman and she'd never marry me. So what's the logic in this? I ask you, President Mubarak, please reconsider these decisions which make you look cruel and foolish. We don't want the great Egypt to look cruel and foolish..."

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