Thursday, October 7, 2010

George Galloway speaking now


'Its time for the Palestinian organisations to unite. The Palestinians need one address and then all the Arabs, all the free people in the world must rally to their cause. If all the Arabs can come together for one day and threaten to use their power, these walls can be brought down. Someone asked me what would you do if you are not allowed into Gaza

I am a religious person and on the day of judgement i will not be asked what President Mubarak did but what i did. And i will b able to stand before the Almighty that every breath i took was for the freedom of people around the world.

So I appeal to President Mubarak to allow me in and if I can't we have a price that all our vehicles, aid and people be allowed safely in. We have no quarrel with Egypt but with Israel which killed our brothers. We are carrying the soil from the grave of the matyrs in Turkey. Our brothers from Adana and Istanbul, just as their blood mixed with the Mediterranean water and kissed the beach of Gaza, so will the soil mix with the soil of Gaza. We will plant a tree and hope it will stand forever. We will stop our ship at the exact spot where our brothers were matyrd and we will place flowers to remember them.

I'm sure no Arab government will stop this sacred mission. I'm sure we will be successful. We come in peace to Egypt and if i am not with you then God speed on the waters.

The end.

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