Tuesday, October 19, 2010

George speech continued...

"I thank God for this decision of the Egyptian authorities and I hope the rest of the journey can be fast and that you will enter Palestine and pray jumuah in the holy land of Palestine. I don't have more to say myself and for now the issues are practical issues. I just want to thank my comrade Kevin for the magnificient leadership he has shown through out."

Standing ovation for kevin.

"I want to thank my brother Zaher and Muhammad and sister Nicci and somebody i haven't thanked before and has been crucial, our mother, our aunty, our matron Carol. She left all her children and grandchildren and she has many. Lastly i want to thank all of u who are the real heroes. We have had many convoys but this is the best crew we've had. The relation between the many people and nationalities is the proof of the spirit of VP. Lastly i am very sorry that i cant fly with you and even more sorry for those who are not allowed to go into Gaza. But i'd like them to know that this achievement is yours also. And your names will be mentioned that you were the honorable ones."

I thank you again and wish you safety and happiness in the time you'll be spending in Gaza."

(Sent from Azra via SMS)

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