Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kevin Ovenden speaking now!

Now it's Kevin's turn to speak.

"Thank you very much George for those kind and stirring words. All of us know that we will not be here without the leadership, prestige and fearlessness of George. It's my duty to report to you where things stand at this point. So listen carefully.

"We had many meetings yesterday including with the Egyptian ambassador to Syria. There were six people from our side. I should tell you where things are now. First of all it was a friendly and positive meeting. We emphasised that the criminal here of the Mavi Marmara is the state of Israel and on the Egyptian side they also agreed that the focus is the siege of Gaza.

"About the number of vehicles, aid and people, no big, difficult problem was presented to us. We emphasised that the peaceful journey of the convoy is the response to the massacre of Mavi. The only negative issue was the question of George. As a sign of goodwill we had agreed that George will not be present at the negotiations. But I was representing George so in essence he was at the meeting.

"We said that our quarrel is not with Egypt and if George is allowed into Egypt it'll be a win win situation and will lift the morale of the Palestinians. It will show unity against the killers of Mavi. That the story will be only about the success of this convoy..."

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