Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kevin speaking now


"Last time on VP3 there was a stow away and when discovered the captain nearly turned around. That breaking of the law cost ten thousand dollars. I'm sure I have everyone's support that if anyone is caught doing that they will be immediately off the convoy. The selection of the thirty to go by ship was a careful process. Some are disappointed that they are not on the ship. I ask everyone to put their own feelings in the right order. At this time yesterday after we had nobody going to Gaza. 24 hours later thanks to hard work, especially of Brother Zaher we have people and vehicles going to Gaza. Personally I don't care if I fly, go by ship, road or swim as long as I get to Gaza. So now all drivers and passengers are to head to their vehicles.

There'll be another briefing for those flying. But now it's four minutes to 5pm so let's head to our vehicles and head to the port."


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