Thursday, October 14, 2010

When you least expect it

Today has been a most unexpected day. The morning started off the usual, in fact many waking up later, behavioral drift having set in. At the 10am meeting it was announced that we should expect some news within 24 to 36 hours but at the same time Kevin mentioned that plans have been made for camp activities till later this week. By now we're used to this so no one really questioned, well at least I didn't. I mentally braced myself for another week or two in Latakia, a thought that didn't particularly go down well with me & I felt myself slipping into a depressive state. But calling home quickly fixed that.

We were also informed that at 1.30pm we'd be taken by the coast (some claim to have heard beach) for lunch. A promising thought indeed & a welcome change. So we set off at about 2pm in 4 buses & after about 45 minutes arrived at a place in the woods. Looking rather baffled, all of us filed out of the bus, zombied & wandered about aimlessly & some 15 minutes later were informed that we were gonna be taken to a different & better location.

So on the bus again & it was another 20 or 30 mins, the time escapes me as I was deep in conversation with Chris from New Zealand, about the evils & perils of capitalism. The range of conversation we've had on this convoy is simply outstanding; religion, politics, economy & right down to the mundane discussion of the best flip flops.

This time we were taken to a beach & some men wasted no time in taking to the water, which was refreshing. We were served packed lunch for tea - it was 4.30pm. And the men in the sea, turned to boys out for a swim & the companionship of light chatter, sea breeze & sounds of waves lapping up the shore made for an enjoyable evening. I dug my feet into the pebbles, allowing the sea to wash over them & compelling it into giving me a badly needed foot scrub. It was relaxing even though I was in the midst of so many people & was hardpressed to find a spot I could claim my own.

Back at the camp at 7.30 pm & many wasted no time in getting onto the bus headed into town for that lease of life called internet. And just as Adnan & I got into the cafe we got word that Egypt has okayed us proceeding to Al Arish. We're now waiting to finish off here before heading back to camp for the final word.

Insha Allah the news is indeed as they say it is & Al Arish here we come!

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