Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unite our Hearts

What 24 hours we've had!

Yesterday was quite possibly the toughest day. Frustration, disappointment, anger, puzzlement were the order of the day. After being told we were sailing & then to have that rug pulled from under us was a cruel blow.

It would've been all too easy to succumb to the dark side, for it doesn't require much effort to give in to the evil that lies within shadows.

But this band of warriors is made of steelier stuff. Disappointed no doubt but determined nonetheless to see this mission through. The thought that it is we whom the Almighty has chosen is an honour beyond words. Of all the millions who'd have wanted to be here, we are among the 400. How's that for a motivator?

As disappointment and dejection draped itself around the entire camp, in less than 24 hours, good news poured down like blessed rain on a parched day. George's announcement that we were moving out, vehicles first than us was the sweetest, sweetest sound.

And now our vehicles are on board the Strofades IV waiting to set sail with some 30 volunteers. The rest of us are all set to catch our flights tomorrow; we go in two batches, one at 5pm, the other at 9pm.

We knew it was no walk in the park & as we embark on this last phase lets open up our hearts & embrace this mission fully, warts & all. Unite our hearts as one & reap success honourably.

O Allah, You truly know that these hearts have gathered only for Your love. These hearts have met in complete obedience of You. These hearts are united in their resolve to spread Your word. And have promised to uphold Your Shariah. So Allah! Tighten the bonds between these hearts. Fill these hearts with Your love and show them the right path. Fill these hearts with Your Noor which never fades. Fill these hearts with the beauty of Iman and tawakkal in You. Make them alive with Your Ma'rifah. And should they die, make them shuhada in Your cause. Verily You are the best of Protectors and Helpers. Ameen.

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  1. May Allah reward with Jannah for this good deed.
    Our prayers are with you guys.