Saturday, October 2, 2010

Update as of 11:05am (GMT +8)

My favourite boys. Did I adopt them or they me? Whichever the case may be, they're making this trip more memorable & enjoyable & helping me cope with being away from my own children & missing my conversations with them.

The undeniable charm, strength & zeal of youth just fill my heart with laughter & they've added to the growing list of my anak anak angkat.

R to L

Noor - the attentive & respectful accountant
Nasir - the articulate, funny & singing imam
Sameed - the charming mountain climbing banker

(Sent from Azra via BBM)

End the occupation, Free Palestine

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  1. That's our Noor! Please pass our love on to him, we're all very very proud of him and miss him dearly! All of the kids are missing their favourite uncle...

    Big hugs & duas

    From all the family x