Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update from DV/DrM as of 1.37pm (GMT +8)

Arrived in lattakia at five pm 5 Oct. After five hour drive fr Damascus. Greeted by Azra n Aqsa boys. They are all in one piece:) we think the ladies actually look chubbier:) Faisal is smiles all over. Wonder if its all because he is surrounded by all the pretty n extrovert palestinian gals from the nearby refugee camp:) Aqsa boys ESP norazmi looks very tanned. Must b the sun, sand n sea:)

Wonderful beginning to the 6th oct morning. Qiamulail from four am. Saff all full in themusolla! Surah ar-Rahman completed, n verses from Albaqarah, Ali-imran, 5am fajr prayers. Both Witr n fajr with very loooog the qunut. Allahumma ansur mujahidin na fi palestine wa Iraq wa  afghanistan wa Kashmir wa chechen wa filipine wa kulli makan. Amin. Followed by al- mathurat. Must get our kids to memorise this beautiful alMarhurat collection of quranic verses; doa of the prophet n the moving doa rabitah by almarhum imam Hasan al-banna . Now enjoying coffee by Azra n enjoying convoy gossip.

(DV/Dr M via SMS)

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