Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update from DV/DrM as of 5:52pm (GMT +8)

GG speaking now 'Syria at nation level going the extra mile to assist the convoy. We are close to the gate of Gaza. Believe me with leadership from VP, all of u we are embarking on a decisive phase. We must continue to be disciplined. Hazardous cause for dry land we sail the rough seas, international waters which martyred our nine Turkish heroes, not that we expect to confront the zionists but with criminals we can never be sure. We must be disciplined when we enter Gaza and make them proud of us. And we leave they will miss us. Even if they ask us to stay longer we must leave cause otherwise we will be a burden to them. Negotiators have done an excellent job. Egypt insists I am not allowed in. I do not expect Egypt to change theirins. And I am happy to wave you goodbye from Syria as long as all the aid get thru. I have been there many times. Thank you all, this convoy is the real united nations (UN). Be good & disciplined and i wish you will for the trip'.

'Believe me one day we will all be together in Jerusalem' - GG responding to Algerians who wanted him to be part of the convoy.

Kevin head negotiator speaking now.Many meetings including with Egypt ambassador in Damascus. Six people: Dr Abdul Razak from Algeria. Two from Jordan, Gulf & three from VP. 'Friendly and positive ambience. We emphasize that the criminal here is Zionists Israel. Egypt agreed that the focus is the siege on Gaza. And so that issues will not be clouded. No big prob with vehicles and goods. Perfect answer to the massacre on Mavi Marmara. We should move soon. Only negative issue is GG cannot join the convoy. We agree GG not be present in meeting and I (Kevin) represented him. We have no quarrel with Egypt. If you allow GG it would be a win-win situation for both and lift morale of Palestinians and unity in mid east against Zionists Israel. If you prevent GG we both loose. Palestine wud loose and so the people of Egypt. That it become an issue between Mubarak vs GG not us the world against Zionists Israel'.

DV/DrM via SMS

(Husna: sorry for the short forms/short sentences etc typical doctors)

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