Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chai for 2

Today's been a busy day, apart from making my special tea twice.

The morning took off with TV3 filming us for their news footage. I was asked to walk to my van, get into it & reverse into position. We then filled our van with the medical aid before holding a briefing. The footage was aired earlier this evening on prime time news, 8pm.

IKIM radio then called for its daily interview & this was followed by the sorting of medical aid which didn’t take all that long. By then we got news that our delegation was back after negotiations which heightened our sense of anticipation & excitement.

Just after noon, George took to the mike & in his usual style, whipped everyone’s emotions. He isn’t going to be allowed into Gaza, that’s the current position, though VP is appealing that decision. When Kevin started speaking, I felt that the news wasn’t going to be good, but I was wrong, thankfully. Egypt is in principal agreeable to us entering Gaza, provided all the documents are done without delay. So this is where we need to be really efficient.

Adnan & I were asked to be a part of a small delegation to meet with George. We had to wait quite a bit & this meant that I had to forego the return match between Team VP & Team Palestine. George walked in & was instantly mobbed by the very few men who were there. As he came to me, he held & hugged me & asked how’s everything’s going to which I said fabulous. He later asked if we were serious about KL to Gaza convoy & that I should attend the winter university in Aqaba, Jordan.

Then it was time enough for a quick cold shower before the evening’s program of rallying cries & speeches. And now here I am, in the internet cafĂ© around the corner, desperately uploading pictures while I can & feeling extremely hungry while doing it.

And tomorrow I’m gonna get a beeline for my tea. As it is, when making it earlier, what was meant for 2 as it was brewing ended up for 10 as the crowd got bigger & bigger & the pot of tea too.

Looking forward to tomorrow & whatever it may bring Insha Allah.

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