Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photos from DV/DrM's iPhone

GG. Ever smiling n obliging to all n does he fires the crowd every time he speaks

Gg with the mavi survivors. Gg is like "god sent" to them:) he has agreed to come for our charity dinner in Jan 2011

Forty survivors of mavi joined the celebration in lattakia

Preparing for magrhrib n isya in the fields

Lady rep from Indonesia speaking. 8 of em three vehicles.

83 Yr old jordanian was the oldest participant. Btw I ran a camp clinic today. First patient a twenty something italian girl, without laying a finger on her I diagnosed a UTI urinary tract infection. Interesting history; the personal bits that she was born in Jerusalem,a Jew. Colourful characters we have on board. Carol who assisted me is also a Jew n soooo helpful. Two jordanian in their 50s had their Bp checked

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