Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cont Kevin's speech

"And now its the new school year and we are taking hundreds of school bags and all kinds of educational materials. We are bringing medicine for the old and pick n educational materials for the children. Its the artery of life from the artery of life. We are ready to go now. Every day's delay is cost to us and every dollar spent is a dollar less for the people of Gaza. This is an international convoy. In these few days people from more than 30 countries have achieved so much.

We have organised ourselves, our aid, and last night we received the Algerian delegation with 40 brand new vehicles. They are the pride of this convoy. Behind us there are thousands of supporters behind them millions. And now we wait to hear fr Cairo. We have not heard an answer so far today. But we have come a long way and we cant wait any longer. They have the documents and we have the aid and there's no reason why they shouldn't give us an answer."

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