Saturday, October 9, 2010

DV's 10 Golden Rules Cont.

Rule 4: Do not stay cooped in your dorm or your sleeping bags:) Lots of wonderful people around, chat them up n you'd find out how extraordinary these ordinary convoy guys r. Ukhuwah ie brotherhood, sisterhood n robin hoods is in the air. Breathe the air of the camaraderie of humanity. For these guys to b here they must be unique n ultra special(yours truly excluded:) Just had a breakfast chat with an Irish bloke and he among others said- peace is a much abused word, cos peace without justice is meaningless! This coming from the legacy of discord n warfare between the irish Protestant n catholic communities.

Rule 5: Quantum leap your voluntary acts. This Arab guy raised his hands n volunteered to clean the WC n shower zones. And believe me the sink bowls, shower areas were very clean. P the glamorous dorm mate of Azra whom P the NZ electrician described as immaculately  dressed as tho in a five star hotel also volunteered to clean WC. P btw removed the fuses at the height of the storm to protect the electrical supply of the camp. Expertise put to effective use without being told. Now I get stopped for all sorts of complains from heavy periods, to UTIs to headaches to nausea vomiting diarrhea, to bp checks to blood sugar test etc. Azra becoming my able accredited pharmacist dispensing medicines!

Rule 6: Always attend convoy meetings.This keeps u abreast of the pulse of the camp n updates u on what needs doing! And in my books meetings includes tahhajud tho non-obligatory but crucial for our sprirituality n cleansing our intents, sense of purpose n complete hope in his ordains. Guard the jemaah prayers always cos that binds our hearts to His rope - Habluminallah n Habluminannas. Enjoy n embrace the scholarship of hafizs, prof of sciences of deen and the wise mashaikhs.

To be continued..

DV via SMS

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