Saturday, October 9, 2010

DV's 10 Golden Rules

I have sort of put together the 10 Golden Rules for future convoys:)

Rule 1: Never leave home without Aunty Azra:) She makes sure you r always in your best behaviour, shields your boys from the flirtatious belles, and most importantly always makes you hot coffee to warm your shivering insides. Need I say more:)

Rule 2: Humble oneself and learn to obey orders without asking too many questions. No matter how old or how qualified u r or high class u r, learn to be a jundullah - soldier of Allah. This is a tough call but can b learnt inshallah

Rule 3: The convoy is NOT a holiday cruise. Always remain on high Alert. Respond swiftly to instructions n encourage others to act in tandem. An ambience of security n preparedness for a worst case scenario is TOP priority.

I am making them up as I go along:) So watch this space!

DV via SMS

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