Sunday, October 10, 2010

DV's 10 Golden Rules (Last Part)

Rule 7: Stay focussed. On Flotilla you don't have to drive. But when overland driving stay focussed on the road and the car ahead. Which means keeping awake, both hands on wheels, no SMSing, no phoning, no taking pix. Plain common sense for safe driving! If sleepy get Azura to share her gum or sweets or chat u up:) or Azra to brew u a hot cuppa! If lost immediately contact control station. Do not drive aimlessly! Our driving reputation (the ladies excluded) has been bruised so we need to buck up!

Rule 8: Stay healthy on the road and in camps. Eat & drink sensibly. Bring your regular  medicines. Carry along common meds eg paracetamol; antibiotics, band aid etc. Keep warm. Get enuf sleep & don't hang out till past midnight. You need to wake for prayers & then drive 'la'!

Rule 9: Yes stay connected on the road but do NOT be obsessed with the net:) Do not allow the ICT to ruin our humanity. Take the middle road la; after all we were created as the ummatan wasata - the middle nation. Family & friends at home would fully understand if late news.Yes! Most definitely utilise  the ICT to provide regular updates to enhance the public image of the convoy. Note that pics speak a thousand words!

Rule 10: This is the rule of 4S. Sincerity and Sabr in our Sacrifices will inshallah lead to Success. Sincerity as narrated in the first Hadith in Iman Nawawi's collection of 40 hadiths. Interestingly Imam Nawawi is buried in Nawar, Syria. Camped in Lattakia we have to be Sabr with Egypt's delay tactics. Sabr with the convoy leaders, the food, the camp, toilets etc. Believe me, the Sacrifices of our time, comfort of our homes, our monies & lifes in the freedom flotilla is not in vain cos both choices r sweet & priceless, martyrdom or nasruminallahi wafathun karib (help fr Allah and victory is near)

(DV via SMS to dearest daughter who will be sitting for medschool finals on Tues, pls make du'aa :)

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