Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photos from DV/DrM's iPhone III

Fleet of 40 Algerian vans

Algerian washing their brand new Hyundais

From the Gulf States

Jordan fleet of hyundai

From Belfast northern Ireland

Another Italian ambulance

From Manchester UK

KIA ora from new Zealand

Another of ours fully loaded with medical aid

Ambulance fr Turkey with auto lift for wheel chair

School bus from Turkey

Our van first of six

The Italians camp in the compound

Another italian van

Italy contributed five vans
Very strong in BDS

UK Liverpool van loaded

Azra n azura full steam loading the vans with educational materials

Press conf
Aljazeera, press tv, tv3 among others

Russ from UK Unite the Union
Saviour of our msian fleet of cars
Serviced them
Given x usd by us but instead chose to donate to the Pakistan flood victims

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