Monday, October 4, 2010

From Dv/DrM

Salam, it's Husna & i'll be blogging on behalf of my dad. Alhamdulillah they left KL Sentral (with no grand send off upon request) to KLIA & reached Dubai safely this morning and will leave for Syria in an hour & they will join the convoy to Gaza via Latakia, El-Arish & Rafah.

We've been whatsapp-ing & so far he wrote:

Selamat tinggal KLIA.What better way to begin the last lap of the convoy than to bump into a Palestinian from West Bank. The vest designed by Azura sure is making waves! Our two TV 3 crews had some lousy news to unsettle us:) unconfirmed news that a Msian doctor was shot in West Bank. Denied by relief agency in Msia. Stay cool everyone! We got two veteran TV 3 guys and they would be doing both documentaries and news. Aiyah Elya, u forgot his three-in-one lah. Will hot choc calm his nerves?

To Aunty Azra & Aunty Azura - good luck being their co-pilots :)

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