Monday, October 4, 2010

Lazy Sunday

After the mad scramble of yesterday, today's lazy pace is wonderfully recharging. Breakfast was at 9.30 with one of the best cheeses I've had. Briefing at 10.30 where commitees have been set up to look into the various duties while we're here. Sounds like it'll be a few days at least.

The rest of the day was spent clearing our vehicles of personal belongings & making ourselves comfortable in what will be home for the next few days. We cleaned up our rooms or more like cells as someone put it, put up clothes line etc. But the heat & lack of sleep took its toll on many & it was very much a rest day.

Looking forward to seetling into some routine by tomorrow.


  1. keep going...
    you all have our support.

  2. Dear Sister,

    Our prayers are with this convoy. May Allah guide us to the success. Expecting more frequent updates...