Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kevin Ovenden, director of VP5. His interest in the Palestinian issue began in 1982, when he was 25. Since then, one way or another, he's been involved.

Throughout this trip he's shown remarkable composure. Even when he's walking hurriedly, there's a quiet calm to him. A man with a heart of gold, he especially shines when interacting with the Palestinian community or the local population of places we've been to. No matter how tired, he always, always has a smile, word, gesture, handshake, his body language testimony to that fact.

A brilliant speaker, he speaks off the cuff with a clear & concise manner, leaving very little room, if at all, for ambiguity. Able to whip a crowd's emotions, he is far from being in the shadows of George Galloway. He is his own man.

Kevin, you are special, a true treasure.

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