Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini Msian Open House @camp

Salams. Yet again blessed to be part of this kabilah (convoy) which are like lions during the day and sufis in early mornings deep in contemplation & prayer. Three imams led us in qiamul lail & subh prayers from 3 nations. A senator from Mauritania sheikh oumar, Dr Usamah fr Kuwait and a hafiz fr Jordan. Different readings n rendition of the Quran!

Quiz: how many styles of reading of the Quran are  known?

And there were two occasions when we did "sajdah" when ayat2 sajdah were recited.

Quiz: how many ayat2 sajdah r there in the Quran? Is there any surah which has two of it? If so name the surah!

I learnt a chant (or they call it yells during our scouting days) Power! Bir-ruh; Bid-dam; Nafdiq ya-Aqsa meaning "Our souls & our blood, we will do just about anything for you, oh! Aqsa" Awesome!

The AqsaSyarif boys cooked us all a yummylicious dinner last night. Even my maid with modern rice cooker does not boil rice as good! Two flavours of lamb curry. Extra hot for big boys n mild for lousy Pakistani guts:) And Shazee has inherited her lousy gut genes:) And the daging was like sooo tender. And we had special guest fr Italy, NZ, Algeria, UK etc n they had like two-three rounds! For desert we had grapes , dates n Azra special pathan tea.

(DV/Dr Musa via SMS - ps Aunty Noraini DV=Darth Vader his fav StarWars icon!)

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