Monday, October 11, 2010

More Quizzes & Abit about our Aqsa Guys :)

Looks like Khairul was the first to get both quiz correct. So Mr pilot what can I get for you fr Gaza?
His (very) complete answers: 

Sajadah verses in Quran: 14/15 places? Two in Al-hajj but the Hanafis doesn't consider second one in Al -haj as sujud tilawah but they consider in As-sad as tilawah but not the Shafies

Styles of reading the Quran: 7 famous qiraat with additional 3 lesser known(due to compilation of certain authors) known to us now with each having 2 sub readings

More quizzes from DV:
Whilst in homs we stopped at the tomb of Saifullah. Umar directed him to be replaced as commander in chief?

Quiz9: Who replaced him?  He is one of the al-Mubasyirun (given promise of paradise whilst alive)
Quiz 10: Name the other 9 exclusive membership of the ahlul al-Mubasyirun !

A bit abt our Aqsa guys. Norazmi our cook par excellence org nogori kampong den (From Negeri Sembilan, one of the states in Malaysia)! Import fertilisers etc n his trips to Russia n loads of Euros in his pocket detained him five hr at heathrow for full body search until saved by VPUK.

Aqsa chief Dr zin an architect in UTM has busted his  leave quota!

Abdul Wahab
initially withdrew cos not able to get someone to manage his business in his absence. But determined, he made a last minute entry replacing Zun whose license had expired!

Katiman junior educated in Southampton  is married to a dr binti katiman doing masters in internal medicine in uni Malaya. The wife has four other sisters who r doctors! So boring isn't it? Imagine the conversation over dinner, what did you cut open today; ish this patient had bloody stools; aiyah this sick boy puked al over me; I drained one litre of pus from this patient chest; this smoker chest xray was like a chimney la:)

The young Ustaz teaches at Sek Rendah Islam Hidayah where my kids previously studied in JB. I was chair of the board of directors! The land n building etc all from our pocket. It was blood, sweat n tears in the early 80s! Now we have one in virtually all states n they r all oversubscribed. I had to pull big cables to get Imam Suhaib's two kids into Al-amin gombak. 

Yusof Aqsa 6 is a graduate of UTM in the KL campus. And his teachers were my peers in the UK Prof Azhari n Prof shamsuddin. A telecommunications engineer with PERNEC he builds all the tall transmitter hubs that gets u connected. Busted his leave n is on no pay leave. 

Aqsa 7 i have yet to taaruf ie berkenalan:) He is Bro Taufek who reports quite a bit on naqib net the equivalent of our Vpm groupie! Works in pest control d utara orang penang na (a state at the northern part of penisular Malaysia)!

ps: My dad is bad with names

psps: Sorry Aunty Azra, my dad is hijacking your blog with his posts:)

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