Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning Out

After yesterday's jubilation, today has been a more somber day. Although we are happy & confident of entering Gaza soon, we must at the same time be prepared for any challenge that might be thrown at us.

And so the day was spent spring cleaning our cells & camp premises. Many volunteered to go around the camp with garbage bags in hand & by the late afternoon there was a noticeable difference. Everyone, save for the media was barred from leaving till at least 4pm.

As for the question of when do we leave, that's pretty much still up in the air though it's closer to hitting ground. The issue of transporting 400 volunteers & 150 vehicles carrying humanitarian aid is no task to be envied. We continue to wait patiently as we place full confidence in the ability of our leadership. It is reckoned that we should be sailing in a couple of days.

May Allah ease our path as He has done thus far.

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