Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update from DV/DrM as of 6:26PM

Logistics to ship 400 people, 143 big vehicles heavy with aid is a nightmare. So it will take time n patience al round. Best option all on one ship. Next best some on ship with all vehicles whilst otters r flown to al arish. No one is allowed to leave camp now. Not even to internet cafe 5 mins down the road. In anticipation of most possibilities ; our best case scenario after meeting this morning is to leave Cairo on 21 oct. All 14 of us will be booked on either Qatar or emirates air. We shud arr Klia around 230 pm 22 Oct both airways. Ali has the details. The camp has been cleaned, vans fueled, all aid loaded, food n water being sourced for al arish. Watch this space! Events r unfolding very rapidly. Our two reporter required special permission fr the top to go downtown to email their reports. That's how strict it has been! Like soldiers we need to listen n obey. Interesting incident when a poor old man found out we were enroute to gaza. He bought some groceries with the little Syrian pounds he had n gave to one of our volunteers. His contribution in a plastic bag is as important n invaluable as the 5 million usd we r carrying I aid. Smonel sekejap the (semonel=emotional) all the volunteers when Kevin showed the plastic bag to us. 

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