Friday, October 8, 2010

Update from DV/DrM as of 8:54PM (GMT +8)

I think we r not soleh enuf! Allah tested us with a monsoon like downpour. Imagine that in barren arid Syria? We were flooded, my clinic was under water n some of our goods were soggy. This was soon after subuh. The emergency alarm went off n many worked their butts n we salvaged most of our goods. Very anxious moments but diffused by the takbirs n nasyids of our Arab bros. Btw I was in still in my 'kain batik' moving stuff cos just took a bath n SOS into action:) good thing Faisal not around to shoot pix cos he just completed his hirasah - security guard on shift. We prayed n the rain actualy got worse before it stopped. All now under wraps n boy did our hearts went galloping post fajr. Everyone worked right thru to dry n repack some of the boxes n actually had to be dragged to have their lunch - such was the passion to save every bit of our aid for gaza. Allah bless these souls. DV

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