Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photos from DV/DrM's iPhone II

These two syrian guys were firing the crowd with takbirs & chantings. Later, one of them came to me in his broken English appealed to me please send the reams of A4 paper to Gaza for the children even tho slightly wet with rain. He said he as pity on the kids they need all the paper they can get.

Rally after jumuah prayer.

Azura's  (one of our team member) lil pent house. Very patriotic.

Loading all aids into the vans.

We have bec overnight celebrities. Crowded by Palestinian kids. 

The first Algerian mammoth truck has arrived. And the reception fr other convoy members n locals was awesome n ecstatic. Our cameraman n journalist at hand to record this historic occasion

Can u hear honking of car horns? 40 maybe 50 new vans arr from Algeria. And 120 algerians.

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