Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update from DV/DrM as of 12:10PM (GMT +8)

Dr Yusof prof of ulumul Hadith (sciences of hadith) fr Algeria now giving tazkirah (reminders). Reminding us to enhance our spirituality as a pre-requisite to victory fr Allah. Earlier tahhajud led by Dr. Usamah fr Kuwait.

I was asked to oversee the quality n expiry dates of medical aids.1 lots of medicines in tablet syrup form n injectables. 2 resuscitation gadgets eg ambu bags n oxygen tubings n artificial airways 3 lots of surgical appliances eg surgical scissors n surgical operating instruments, disposable surgical sets for different surgical procedures eg biopsy sets 4 medical appliances mainly disposable feeding tubes n urinary cathethers with bags, cannula for iv lines, cannula with trochar to make holes in chest to drain fluid or air. 5 specialized infant milk formulas 6 machines to do rapid tests ESP in icu setting 7 infant ventilators 8 lots of disposable dressing sets for ops n wound debriding n special adhesive dressings 9 bedside monitoring kits eg for testing blood sugar 10 lots of bandages , limb support, girdles (quite possibly azura pinched one for her slimming routines:) 11 lots of newly purchased wheelchair 12 crutches, walking aids, motorized scooter for ambulation 13 disposable masks n gloves n protective operation wear.

DV via SMS

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